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        HI, HELLO! I'M MARGI.

        Professional photojournalist, content creator, and third-wheeler based in Miami, Florida. My passion lies in portrait and wedding photography, but I've photographed a wide variety of things, such as baptisms and birthday parties, to still life and landscapes.
        What makes my heart jump the most is photographing couples and being able to bring out their personalities through images. I've been taking pictures professionally since 2010 and when I photographed my first wedding that year, I was hooked.
        I knew that it would become my niche.

        Fall seven times, stand up eight.
        - Japanese Proverb

        ABOUT ME

        I’ve always wanted to be an artist –  I just didn’t know what kind, until I discovered photography as a teenager. My memory isn’t the best, so I initially used photography as a means of documenting the small details I would have otherwise forgotten. 

        I moved to Miami in August 2012 after leaving my home city of Athens, Greece. I’m a proud alumna from Florida International University in Miami where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business & Management, & a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies in December 2017. Traveling and “the unknown” was always fascinating to me, so I took a leap of faith and lived in various parts of Japan for one year cumulatively during my studies. Having the opportunity to live abroad for long periods of time shifted the way I saw the world through my camera lens and communicated with people that were culturally diverse.

        On my spare time, I study Japanese, enjoy watching videos of corgis, and eating ramen.

        Still curious? Watch the video below.